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patho sheet #18 - SHAIMAA EHMAID

Post by Shadi Jarrar on 30/10/2010, 12:16 am

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

______________________________________ file/7csjmyhp9i7tz6n/In_the_name_of_ALLAH.doc

((In the name of ALLAH))

In the lost lecture we talked about environmental agent chemical carcinogenesis and radiation .Now, we will talk just about the example of tumor that is caused by microbial agent.

 Slide 71:
HTLV-1 type of tumor is leukemia and there is two type of leukemia is tumor of white BC there is T lymphocyte and B lymphocyte, there is tumor in the T lymphocyte → proliferation of T lymphocyte it will infect CD4 type of T lymphocyte cause infection by certain factor that produce by virus will cause mutation in tumor suppressor gene and proto-oncogene → proliferation in CD4 T cell will cause human T cell leukemia/lymphoma, in addition of proliferation in a lymph node cause lymphoma.

 Slide 72:
-Kaposi sarcoma is malignant tumor of intermediate blood vessels; the virus that implicated in the formation of this tumor is the herpes virus 8.
-Human Papillomavirus type 1,2,4,7 because benign tumor of skin called skin pupillomas or wound (تواليل)
-High-risk HPVs it called that because they cause malignant tumor specially cervical cancer most type 16 and 18,which are transmitted by sexual transmission.
-Type of cervical and a genital cancer is squamous cell carcinoma.

 Slide 73:
-Burkett lymphoma type of B cell lymphoma, Mac is transcription factor mutated in Burkett lymphoma.
-B cell lymphoma in patients infected by HIV who has acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or patient makes renal transplantation will talk drug immune suppression.
-Lymphoma → 1) Hodgkin lymphoma discovered by Hodgkin can be caused
by Epstein - Barr virus.
→2) None Hodgkin lymphoma not discovered by Hodgkin.
-Nasopharyngeal carcinoma → most common type is squamous cell carcinoma.

 Slide 74:
-Hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus cause immune mediated inflammation in liver gives certain cytokine → ROS, with chronic inflammation this will cause mutation in DNA.
-In Hepatitis B virus there is gene called hepatitis BX gene cause activation signal transducing in liver like Rac that will cause continuous proliferation (uncontrolled proliferation) → malignant transformation.

 Slide 75:
-Two type of cancer in stomach:
1) Gastric adenocarcinomas(edono:epithelium cancer of stomach).

2) Gastric lymphoma(Malt Lymphoma).

-Malt lymphoma is low grade lymphoma that can be regression to
normal, disappeared and treatment by H.BYIORI antibiotic.
-The development of gastric biopsy(gastritis)→present of T and B lymphocyte with time will lead distraction of the epithelium of stomach cause inflammation, gastric atrophy and decrease in number and size of gland, without eradication and treatment of pylori will cause type of metaplasia(gastric epithelium will change to intestinal epithelium).
-Histology of lymph node: Germinal zone surrounded by marginal zone
then mental zone.
 Slide 76:
1) Benign tumor of pituitary gland (pituitary adenoma) then will become enlargement →destruction of pituitary gland will cause hypopituitarism which cause of morbidity of patient.
2) -Malignant tumor of adrenal medullary cells (phayocroma sarcoma) →increase production of adrenaline cause hypertension.
- Benign tumor of thyroid gland cause production of thyroid hormone causes hyperthyroidisms.
3) - Some tumor cause ruptures in gastro intestinal track →
Perforation in to peritoneal cause peritonitis.
-large tumor in extremity compress blood vessels and nerves
Cause symptom.

4)Cachexia occur with malignant tumor.

 Slide 77:
-Smooth muscle tumor causes obstruction of renal artery cause hypertension.

 Slide 78:
-Cancer cachexia not caused by increased nutrition demand by tumor and not caused by anorexia (loss of appetite), but it’s caused by production of TNF and distraction of skeletal muscle by protein mobilizing factor.

 Slide 80:
-if the person has small cancer of bronchus and show increase ACTH
ولم نجد أي سبب لانتاجه فهذا يسمى ACTH (وبحثناعن
(Paraneoplastic syndrome

DATE: 27-10-2010 GOOD LUCK

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