Pedo Article Imp.

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Pedo Article Imp.

Post by Haneen Thnebat on 28/4/2012, 4:03 pm

Aslamo 3alykom,,,
Pay attention plz, the article that was puplished for pedo lec#9 By Dr.Hwazen titled by "Pigmented lesions of the oral cavity" was published wrongly,so ITS NOT RECOMMENDED by the doctor,the one actually that she recommends, is in the following

tom 2nshallah will be availble as hardcopy,so by this we have 2 articles for pedo Lec#9 :
-Materials for restoration of primary Teeth 1.(the previous link).
-Materials for restoration of primary Teeth 2.(was already published).

Materials for Restoration of Primary Teeth 2.pdf
Haneen Thnebat

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