IM Sheet #13 (last lec) By Leen

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IM Sheet #13 (last lec) By Leen

Post by Sura on 31/12/2011, 10:53 pm


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Re: IM Sheet #13 (last lec) By Leen

Post by Shadi Jarrar on 1/1/2012, 9:13 am

Op sheet #9:
- p.4 first column, line 37 The angular stillate cells can degenerate not regenerate.
-p.5 first column line 20 ,luminal unicystic ameloblastoma:ameloblastoma tissue present only in the lining of the cyst's lumen. Intraluminal unicystic ameloblastoma:tissue proliferation inside
the cyst's lumen.

Sheet#10 p.6 line 24 Malignant ameloblastoma not odontoblastoma.
Shadi Jarrar
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